About us

About us

Who we are


Sarah Farm is a dynamic and enthusiastic parapharmaceutical company committed to the idea that a solid and healthy development is a guarantee of performance and success.
Acts as importer and national distributor of products from ranges Sana – full range of bandages, Touch – range of antibacterial products, QPlaster – wide range of patches and Sana ProSport – range where there are products that provides efficient solutions for injuries that may occur while practicing various sports activities.
Founded in 1998, Sarah Farm is a privately owned company. In 2002, the company creates Sana concept, on the platform of quality products at reasonable prices and occupies a considerable share of the market in a record time.
Since 2008 until the present, the company reached No. 1 in Romania on the segment of antibacterial products, the range Touch was the first mark which brought on the Romanian market the antibacterial gel and spray, products certified by the Cantacuzino Institute as having an antibacterial, antiseptic, disinfectant and fungicide action, which stops the spread of A / H1N1, MRSA, MSSA, Salmonella, E. coli, Streptococcus and bacteria by contact.
Experience in the field, professionalism, performance orientation and quality of our products have quickly propelled us into reliable partners for our partners.
Based on the principle “Who ceases to develop, ceases to be good” the innovation is the “engine” of our development.

Our work


Sarah Farm is an importer and supplier of parapharmaceuticals products with a presence in Romania since 2002.
The distribution is done at national level through door to door deliveries made by our agents and also through our partners and distributors of pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals products.
Purchasing and logistics structure is adapted and organized effectively for exceptional results.
Our team offers professionalism, promptitude, quality services and an impeccable expertise.
The products from our portfolio are recommended through quality on European standards, which are certified by Tuv Austria experts in accordance with ISO 13485: 2012, which proves competences that are comply with the German standardization system.

Our team


Sarah Farm brings together a dynamic, proactive and enthusiastic team who is in a permanent development and acting as a family, knowing that only together we can maintain the standards and values that we believe in now and that will lead us into the future: Performance and Integrity.
The company encourages a teamwork environment where personal growth and each individual’s expertise go hand in hand with our common goal and purpose that is to fully satisfy our customers’ needs.
We very much appreciate the job well done and we firmly believe that only through hard work, passion and determination we can achieve the ambitious goals that we have set.
Seriousness, responsibility and performance orientation are directions that guide our work.


We are dedicated to quality and safety, ensuring that products are of the highest quality


Respect for customers by offering quality products guaranteed


Respect for society through various social and educational activities


Our main concerns are the continued growth of diversity and quality of products and the logistics development


Seriousness, responsibility and performance orientation are directions that guide our work


We support and encourage a conduct business based on professionalism, integrity, transparency, honesty and dedication